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Traveller Protections

Your trip is booked with Local Agents delivering professional services. Tripfuser has carefully selected these providers for you and that’s why we take the responsibilities described in our Traveller Protections (the "Guarantees").

You are paying to Tripfuser as a payment processing agent, and we transfer your funds to the Local Agents. Your legal relationship is with the Local Agent (the trip organiser).

There are two guarantees we provide.

Cooling Off Guarantee. If you change your mind about travel within 48 hours of the booking being made, Tripfuser will refund your payment in full.

Local Agent Financial Default Guarantee. In the very unlikely event of a trip non-fulfilment due to the financial default of the Local Agent, the Local Agent Financial Default Guarantee provides that your prepayment will be fully refunded from Tripfuser.

"Financial default" means the Local Agent substantially fails to provide the package of services described on the Tripfuser website as being the components of the trip you purchased, due to the credit or other financial failure on the part of the Local Agent.

The Guarantee does not cover:

- Any consequence of any "force majeure" events, like wars, terrorism, strikes, acts of God, weather, and other events outside of our reasonable control or the reasonable control of the Local Agent.

- Any consequence of your failure to fulfil any obligation on your part, including making payments when required, providing completely accurate information, having the necessary travel documents or permits, being at a necessary embarkation or departure point, or any violation of our Terms of Use

- Any conduct on your part (or any of your agents) that causes you to miss or be disqualified for any component of the trip package

- Partial fulfilment of the trip package by the Local Agent or any unsatisfactory performance of any trip package, including any dissatisfaction on your part of any component of the trip package.

- Claims relating to unsatisfactory or partial performance should be brought directly to the Local Agent.

- Rescheduled or cancelled transportation, unavailability of specific accommodation, meal, or tour preferences, bona fide errors, lost or stolen personal items or funds you bring on your trip, or other events occurring during the trip.

- Any claims not covered by the above terms.

- Any other issues not within the financial default of the Local Agent.