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Responsible Travel - Tripfuser

Tripfuser wants travel to be a win-win experience for the traveller, Local Agents, local communities and the local environment. It is hence a mission we share with all our stakeholders.

Tripfuser is neither a tour operator nor package provider, however we do work with Local Agents who provide these services and hence actively seek out Local Agents providing tours and packages supporting our responsible travel ethos.

We ask all travellers who book with us and all Local Agents working with us to;

1. Respect destinations and local cultures

Tripfuser’s long term business success relies on ensuring local destinations and cultures are protected for the benefit of future generations (locals as well as travellers). Hence we place great emphasis on respecting local religions, religious places and rituals; observing local customs and etiquette. Obeying local laws is a key part of this.

2. Support local people and local economies

Tripfuser is committed to supporting local people and economies. This means encouraging our Local Agents to purchase from local suppliers and use local service providers, as well as supporting social enterprises, local trade, arts and crafts. They should also support fair employment practices, local community consultation and decision making and not engage in any form of corruption.

3. Protect vulnerable people

Tripfuser is committed to upholding the security, rights and freedoms of children and vulnerable adults at all times. While assisting developing communities through promoting tourism, our first priority is the safety and protection of the children and vulnerable people. This includes Tripfuser staff and families, employees and families of our Local Agents, travellers and people in the communities visited.

4. Preserve the environment

Tripfuser aims to contribute to the preservation of natural and built environments in the destinations we market, and at the same time to reduce the negative impacts our internal operations may have on the environment. We do this by minimising the use of resources (energy, water, waste) and reducing our carbon emissions in our offices. We also encourage our Local Agents to do the same in the destinations they service.

5. Protect vulnerable wildlife

Tripfuser opposes any practices that have a negative impact on animal welfare. As a company we work towards promoting the freedoms that should be available to all animals, wild or domestic (i.e. freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort; freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom to express normal behaviour; and freedom from fear and distress).

Tripfuser reserves the right to

• Not list any tours or activities which we believe contravene the above, and to remove from Trip Plans any activities which contravene the above. We provide a list in the extranet of practices we will not support which will be continuously updated. • Deactivate any Local Agents unwilling to subscribe to the Tripfuser Responsible Travel ethos. • Refuse further bookings from travellers who in our assessment and /or the assessment of our Local Agents, act manifestly against the intent of the above.

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