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Tripfuser is a design and
booking service for locally
-sourced travel experiences.


Design your own experience. If you can dream it, local experts can make it happen.


Choose from a list of trip plans created by local experts.


Collaborate and book your trip using our safe and secure platform.

& GO!

Your trip plan travels with you, conveniently in your pocket.

Dreaming of your next trip?



The trip of your dreams

Where, when, what, how and who you want to travel with. Give us as much detail as possible.

The Wishlist captures all the information required to build your dream trip.

Its fun to do, easy and extremely fast.


Connect with several Local Experts

Your Wishlist is sent out to Local Experts.

Each Local Expert can submit up to 3 Trip Plans back to you, each in the form of a stunning website with detailed information about each activity, including imagery, descriptions and reviews.

You can share with friends and family and zero in on the ones you like best.

Preview Trip Plan


Customise your trip and book

We open up a chat facility so you can communicate directly with Local Experts about your Trip.

This is your chance to ask questions and make any final changes.

Once you are happy, select the trip you want, enter your details and book.


Access your trip details on the go

You can download your Trip Plan into an external calendar that supports the iCalendar format, including Google calendar.

You can also keep accessing your Trip Plan website at any time, and even download a pdf version of it to print and carry with you at all times.

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